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Education doesn't only prepare you to be successful in your profession, it prepares you to face the problems that come across in the life, handle them successfully and lead a happy life.

As it's rightly said that problem will come in life but we need to prepare our students to face the challenges boldly and handle the success meticulously. It's very easy to be happy and successful in life, but the real challenge is when we have to face failure and come out of it.

We at Rasiklal M. Dhariwal International School focus on the holistic development of the students which includes a wider spectrum than just academics and marks. Daily routine of the school is made interesting and exciting for the students by arousing curiosity in them, which motivates them to question and develop their thinking skills.

We believe that values play a very vital role in life. EQ is given equal importance as IQ and this form the culture of our school. Students are exposed to different activities which help them to gain knowledge in a stress-free environment as we believe that process is equally important as the outcome of the learning. We aim to prepare the global citizen for tomorrow who will not only be dedicated towards the profession they choose, but will be committed to serve the country and fellow human beings.

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